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Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An

Far from Hoi An ancient town about 3km in the northeast, Tra Que vegetable village is more than 500 years of vegetable plating; here concentrated 220 families specializing in the vegetable with 40ha cultivated surface. Tra Que village is famous for a long time with scented and clean vegetable which fertilized from the water-plant and mosses in rivers of village. Many years recently, this place is an attractive ecotourism destination for domestic tourist as well as foreigner. It not only helps the farmers here have more source of income but also contribute to introduce tourism of Quang Nam province in particular and Viet Nam in general.

To preserve the long-standing brand of vegetable and have a part in keeping cultural traditional of ancestor as well as making the vegetable productions associate with travel activities, people in Tra Que vegetable village know to combine with travel agency for celebrating the tour and attract many visitors come here. Visiting this village, the travelers will be guided about the farm technique and then doing by themselves such as fertilization, water, planting, cooking the local foods like the real farmers.  In addition, tourists also could live in the pure and cool atmosphere; it really makes us relax in the tranquil space of Vietnamese village. 

After nearly 8 years of development the community tourism, Tra Que vegetable village becomes an interesting place where more and more attract tourist. The daily business of hard-working and friendly farmers bring positive insight about Viet Nam country; it make travelers linger whenever leave as well as make secret appointment themselves that they will come back here again.

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