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A Taste of Hoi An Rural Life

Hoi An is a historic city in Vietnam that has been largely untouched by the outside world. Beside the Ancient town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, many people forget that there are plenty of unique things to be seen and done in the vicinity surrounding Hoi An. If you are wondering about what to do beyond Hoi An, why not take fishing and farming tour in Hoi An? A fascinating journey into the local villages where you gain insight into everyday life.

In addtion to Hoi An Ancient town central area, most of villagers at Hoi An waterland earn their living by fishing, the remainder making boats, nets or opening small material and grocery stores. But fishing remains a fundamental source of food and income for many people. Follow the random pathways in the Hoi An countryside, you will have chance to see the life on the water of fisherman, watch them work and learn fishing in mostly the traditional techniques.There are two mainly ways of fish catching that you can experience from the localshere: casting nets - the net is caste or thrown by hand so that it can spreads out on the water and sinks, then fish are stucked on the nets. Or other way is using the large nets strung to bamboo rods hang down over the river, then be dropped and picked up for fish. It will be really enjoyable when you can get in touch with nature and experience real fish catching with the first batch of fish by throwing net on your own.

For a long time, Vietnamese people live mainly on agriculture. The general rhythm of village life is involved either in fishing or farming. Everything you need to see rural life in central Vietnam is at Tra Que vegetable village. With a short distance of 3 km from Hoi An ancient town, this little village is the source of organic vegetables and herbs for restaurants, stalls around town and local people. A large number of herbs and vegetables on Vietnam’s delicious cuisine are grown here.The vegetable gardens is more special because there is no chemicals used in growing the plants. Here you will see locals planting in traditional farming methods and harvesting various vegetables and herbs in vast green fields. Especially you can join in planting, watering some vegetables, fertilise the soil and preparing the new crops as well as learn about the different herbs with their uses. With a short visit to Tra Que, you can see firsthand how the farmers plant vegetables and feel the hard work of a farmer that makes you appreciate every grain and vegetable that you eat.This is the way to experience fascinating insight into a much slower pace of village life in Vietnam.

Venturing one day to Hoi An countryside and interacting with fishing and farming communities gives you great way to see rural life in central Vietnam and capture life in all its simplicity and grandeur. You can choose one of two suitable means of exploration here is by cycling or by renting a scooter. If you want to experience a taste of local life, then you must go on Hoi An fishing and farming tour, a must do life experience in Vietnam.

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