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The charming of Hoian town on moonlight in Hoian travel

Hoian ancient town is a must-see destination in Vietnam and you reach Hoian on time to discover its beauties and hidden charm. Once you feel that the life is so fast and busy, let plan in advance and spend time to reach Hoian to enjoy the peaceful life on fullmoon time. It is a wonderful time for you to enjoy the tranquility atmosphere here in your Hoian travel trip. How do you feeling and experience while walking and wandering steps on ancient town streets and roads. It is different from Hanoi Old Quarter with the busy and much traffic, Hoian ancient town where only allow for walker, bicycle and motorbike only so it is so quiet and slow which most tourist love once visit and experience in this town.Let walk slowly and see vendors along streets and you can try to taste street foods with variety of dishes such as BBQ dishes, corn milk, ice-cream to special dishes in Hoian and Vietnam. You also have curious when many old people from 70 to 80 years old man and woman still sell things on streets whether high age but they still love the life and live independent.

When you have a Hoian travel journey on full moon, it will be an interesting experience for you to enjoy the charming of this town while the whole town light by lantern as old time instead of electricity lights. A beauty of sparkling and get back the past which impress most travelers especially wander through narrow streets to get deeply experience. Not interesting as other cities in Vietnam because of beautiful landscapes like Da Lat, Hoian ancient town attracts tourists thanks to the sparkling picture at night and lantern lights on full moon. You can also visit an old market right in the town to see more private beauties at this old market and buy some souvenir gift in Vietnam. If you would like to know more about the town without having any guide arranged before by yourself, you can stop at area of Tourist Information Center you can ask for a local guide who will show you more about the history of the town. The most impressive when visiting Hoian ancient town in your Hoian travel trip is to enjoy the sunset over the river by the town centre and enjoy the special moment in town centre beside river when the whole town turn off electricity. Everywhere you can see lantern lights in gate, at old houses, living houses in different sizes and shapes as well as colors. All of them make an amazing picture warming and colorful of the ancient town. Since 19.00 pm there are many activities in old town and you can wander around it to pleasure yourself on these activities with local people for their daily life. In a road local artists perform traditional music and serve free for everyone, while another road has activities for folk game. The impressive activity is to give light flowers on the river while rowing boat with the aim to pray for good things will happen for your life and your relatives. Along streets are shops of shoes, silk, make tailors, ect and it is wonderful for experience at night market.

And ther are many other activities of local people with the purpose to bring special products and experience as well as support many other people to make Hoian more attractive than. Infact spending time in Hoian will bring you a comfortable feeling, peaceful among the busy life and get the fresh time. It is always to welcome you with the smile for any time all year round.  

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