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Footsteps to Hoi An Street Food

Hoi An is famous as a food lovers’ destination with many local specialities and with an abundance of street food stalls. If you fall in love with Hoi An, a special highlight for you is walking and street food tour in Hoi An where you can discover both rich cuisine and unique architectural works.

While Vietnam is in top of the world culinary paradises, Hoi An is a big producer of street foods. There are three reasons to visit Hoi An as the top culinary selection – Banh Mi, Com Ga and Mi Quang which are all local people’s meals.

It’s a pity to visit Vietnam without one time trying “Banh Mi”. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese-style baguette with a variety of ingredients and probably one of the best sandwiches in the world. The word “Banh Mi” itself in Vietnamese means “bread”. There are different types of Banh Mi – sometimes with chicken, with pork, pate and vegetables. But the best one is “Banh Mi Thap Cam” which is the mixed bread – a little bit of everything. You can find two most famous places for Banh Mi in Hoi An are Banh Mi Phuong and Banh Mi Madam Khanh.

Vietnam is a country of noodles. If “Pho” is famous in Ha Noi, “Bun bo” (beef noodles) is special in Hue, Mi Quang (Quang noodles) is popular street food in Hoi An. This dish is a mixture of thick rice noodles, vegetables, little broth, topping with eggs, pork, shrimp, grilled peanuts and some spices. Each type of noodle dish has its own flavour that you just can feel when trying it.

Hoi An street food can not miss “Com Ga” (Hoi An chicken rice), the most local and typical food of Hoi An people. Very special here, the rice is cooked directly in chicken broth, then is served with a mixture of shredded chicken, laksa leaves, onions, chili and lime juice dressing. You can try a tasty chicken rice plate in Hoi An at Com Ga Ba Buoi or Com Ga Ba Nga, the names are very famous and can easily search the address.

A voyage of culinary discovery will be more wonderful when you combine eating with sightseeing at the ancient historic buildings and architectures. Spending time by the river, watching beautiful Hoi An as the sun goes down, walking along the small lanes to enjoy Hoi An specities, you will feel that everything is moving more slowly, but colorful and lively.

Your journey will be perfect by a iced Vietnam coffee at a local café. It’s more interesting to explore some side streets of the city in quiet café and observe the rhythm of local people’s lives. This will abosolutely tastes pretty good in such beautiful surroundings.

Discover Hoi An in such a great way with Hoi An walking and street food tour will give you a wonderful view of the old city, culture and cuisine. There is no doubt that if you are a foodie then you must make a beeline for Hoi An culinary adventure.

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