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Kim Bong Wood Village in Hoi An

Traveling Hoi An, the tourists will have chance to visit Kim Bong wood village located in front of Hoi An Ancient Town on Thu Bon River; it belongs to Cam Kim commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. With more than 600 years old, this village is a famous brand about woodwork of Hoi An. 

Nowadays, Kim Bong wood village mainly focus on manufacturing the small boat on the river; fine arts for example wooden statue, decoration and daily tools to service tourism instead of building house and making big boats…The woodwork of Kim Bong village is skilful and sold in Hoi An Ancient Town. There are many sudden inspiration products made from tree root. The daily tools such as wooden chopsticks, spoons… are also clever. The carpenters of this village made a lot of houses, pagoda with original architecture…in Hoi An ancient town by their skilful hands. This center of trading port was settled by many foreigner traders so it helped carpentry in Kim Bong village inherit the making boat technique of Cham people, acquire the belief- civil architecture and family utensils of Chinese, Japanese…These factors are harmonious together to create a special style for carpentry here.

There are nearly 1000 families in this famous wood village which happening the wood sculpture activities, produce civil woodwork, building house…The Kim Bong village wood-worker also have a part in protecting, restoring and embellish the monument of Hoi An Ancient Town .

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