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The Romantic Beauties Of The Ancient Hoi An Town

Hoian travel now is a famous destination for Vietnam travel and becomes one of the must-see city in Vietnam trip. It is not solemn as Hue Old Capital City or too busy as Ho Chi Minh city, Hoian town attract most tourists because of their own romantic beauties. Once you step inside Hoian town, you will have chance to see roofs covered by long times, the sparkling of lanterns in the evening plus the special beauties of old houses for hundreds of years with detailed carving, etc. especially if you reach Hoian on moonlight, you will surprise for the beauties of the town because of the lights from hundreds of lantern without electricity. A wonderful feeling which you cannot have in other cities in Vietnam

You will not see high buildings or many colors of advertise boards as other cities, Hoian town bring you a feeling to get back the old style with the slow pacing of life where you can enjoy the life and beauties deeply. Once staying Hoian on moon time, you will have chance to see the beauties of moonlight which a special feeling cannot express from the town or just on the beach not far from city centre.

Walking along street and cross through small path which can step by only one person will give you an interesting adventure at this city. Step everywhere you can see the lantern swing in each house or shops as the style of China, Japan and bring a stress of old times. All of them make Hoi An becomes a majesty world which impress for everyone coming here first time as well as promise to come back in their life. On lunar moonlight each month, the town is more beautiful than because of the romantic of lights and lanterns by completely of lantern lights without no electronic, tivi, radio, street lights or neon. It becomes a special thing of Hoian travel. On the hidden lights, the voice of traditional singers, folk game, ect from the boats, on streets attract tourists to join and enjoy its beauties.

Apart from the beauties of old town, Hoian travel also attracts tourist for many other things which lead tourists come back with traditional, slow life such as becoming a local farmer to grow vegetables as traditional way and organic without using any pesticide and fertilizer, go fishing which ensure that most people love to join it



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