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The charming “Bay Mau” coconut forest in Hoi An

Bay Mau coconut forest is around 20 ha of water forest in area; far from Hoi An ancient town about 3km in the east and locates in Cam Thanh village, Hoi An city. Here has been become a tourist destination as well as interesting experiences for the traveler whoever wants to discover new place for a long time. Annually, there are thousands of visitors come to explore Bay Mau coconut forest.

Bay Mau coconut forest is the green tourism area; it’s also the “lung” of Hoi An ancient town and another near areas. This forest is original salt-marsh ecological area with poetic scenery and the brackish flora and fauna is also so abundant. Here is the residence of many kinds of marine animals such as shrimp, crap…and mollusk. This salt-marsh ecosystem is also a biological filter machine; it accumulates and decomposes waste to make water source clean before flowing into the beach. 

Nature and people here always have intimate connection. When visitor travel here, the local people will become the tourist owners. According to the statistic, there are more than 10 families deployed the travel form of “explore Bay Mau coconut village” in Cam Thanh village. Arrive here, tourist will have chance to discover the nature, learn about the daily life of farmers and fishers, join in activities for example boat race, visit coconut forest, grow-rice, spread a net, taste the fresh sea-foods on the boat, survey the beautiful view… The small boats bring visitors float under the coconut leaf canopy to enjoy the green and boundless space of water coconut trees; it seemed make all pressure of busy life disappear to prepare energy for a new day.

Hopefully, Bay Mau coconut forest will be more well-known in the future and more conserved. This is the new destination in travel map of Hoi An city; it’s also make tourist type more abundant.


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