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Thanh Ha Ceramic Village

Thanh Ha Ceramic Village came into being in century 15 and strongly developed together with Hoi An ancient town. This village located on Thu Bon River, belongs to Cam Ha commune; far from Hoi An ancient town about 2km in the west.

The production of Thanh Ha village made from clay; this is the main material. It made by the highly polished hands of artisan and traditional technique of this trade village. The main productions are serviced for daily life such as cup, bowl, big jar, flower pot…with abundant shapes and color; especially it’s heavier than another one which is same kind from other places.

Nowadays, Thanh Ha Ceramic village is still in being as well as handicraft manufacture with traditional method and technique.

Nowadays, this village becomes the alive museum as well as valuable documentation for scientists who research about traditional ceramic of Viet Nam in particular and Southeast Asia in general.  

Visiting Thanh Ha village, apart from choosing the ceramic pottery souvenir, tourists could contemplate the skilful steps for manufacture process with talent hands of artisan by your own eyes. With more than 500 years old, Thanh Ha ceramic village attract many visitors by clever and special pottery. Going through rise and fall, this village was seemly forgotten. However, it is gradually well again. There are many kinds of ceramic productions with abundance in shapes and colors such as lime-pot, decanter, pot, tile, whistle, water jar and the close animals in daily life in this village.

Up to now, Thanh Ha ceramic village still keep the traditional handicraft manufacturing; it’s unusualness in productions here which take an important role in developing local economy as well as traveling of Hoi An. 

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