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Cua Dai Beach

Far from Hoi An Ancient Town about 5 km in the east, Cua Dai Beach, the most beautiful one of Quang Nam province with the white sand, pure blue water, soft waves in the  burnished sunshine.  Tourists could bike to here for enjoy the poetic and charming view of this attractive beach in Central of Viet Nam. 

The coast here is more than 7 km long with many chances for potential travel developing.  Cua Dai beach has graceful beauty which makes visitors interested in whenever discover here very much. This beach is good choice for everyone because of primitive and fresh beauty. The atmosphere here is so pure as well as cool; it brings for us the comfortable and peaceful feeling.

Especially, Cua Dai beach is clean at anywhere you walk along the coast.  Here is the tranquil and quiet space for tourists to relax even though there are more and more hotel and resort which built recently. You also could easily find many good local restaurants here to taste seafood and delicious dishes; those restaurants are not noisy too much. That’s reason why Cua Dai beach attract a lot of people come here to refresh after visiting other destinations in Hoi An. Let spend your time to arrive Cua Dai beach for exploring more another enjoyable thing which you could only feel whenever set foot on here.

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