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Culture and Festival

Quang Nam is the land of rich cultural traditions imbued with culture of South Central. It produced many great cultures, many famous patriotic, famous artists, scientists... The traditional cultural treasure is very varied and plentiful such as folk songs and dances, operas…In addition, there are many other unique festivals of minority ethnics such as gong festivals, buffalo sacrifice festival…

Coming to Quang Nam, visitors can explore the ancient world with the citadels, and temples like My Son sanctuary, TraKieu citadel, Dong Duong Buddhist institute, Khuong My tower, Bang An towers, Chien Dan towers built in many centuries. These constructions show the special architecture and sculpture of the local people in the past. Besides, visitors can understand more about the music, dances, customs and traditional festivals of Quang Nam province.

Quang Nam still remains many relics and places related to the wars in the past such as Nui Thanh Mount, Ky Anh tunnels, Ho Chi Minh trails, Chu Lai Combat Base, Tra My and Hon Tau battles…

Quang Nam has many folk festivals; this is not only an occasion for people to worship their ancestors but also to take part in many attractive folk games.

Lady Thu Bon Festival

Lady Thu Bon festival is celebrated on the 12th day of the second month of the lunar calendar in Lady Thu Bon's Palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district to worship Lady Thu Bon (or Lady Bo Bo - Cham people).

During the festival, the atmosphere is animated and people are excited. Apart from the rituals, the festival includes traditional games such as boat racing, processions, dances and festival songs. The festival-goers can compete for championship or encourage. According to the local people, each boat belonging to each temple will be protected by the god of this temple.The boat racingis still one of the most interesting activities of Lady Thu Bon Festival, though now the competing teams come solely from Quang Nam. During these days, Thu Bon River is sometimes waved by the acclamation and encouragement along two riversides.Another important event is the processionsaccompanied by many followers in traditionalcostumes of this village.

The festival makes the villagers the happiness, the love their life and country.

Long Chu Featival

This is the festival of fishing villagers around Hoi An city to fight the diseases such as plagues and other types of epidemics when coming to new season.

Every year, the festival is organized on lunar July 15th in the common house in hamlets and communes.The name of the festival, “Long Chu”, translates as “King Boat”, it is a boat in the shape of a dragon - a holy symbol to prevent bad evils. During the festival, there is a procession of Long Chu from the common house to the riverbank, and then Long Chu is floated into the sea.

Before the festival, shamans put up incense table and put amulets in the place believed as the shelter of ghosts and devils. Following the shamans, teenagers with cold steel (machete) in their hands clear the bushes along the village path and together sing in response to each other in an exciting atmosphere. During the day of main festival, the priest holds offering rituals; after that, the Long Chu procession takes place to get rid of ghosts and epidemic around the village. In the festival, traditional games and classical drama last from morning till night.

Cau Bong Festival

Yearly, this festival takes place on a nice day in spring on Hoi An river (near Cua Dai). It is the ceremony for beginning crops of the New Year. The festival includes a boat race, with a wish for fruitful crops, prosperity and security for the local people.

Nguyen Tieu Festival

The festival is held in Phuc Kien, Trieu Chau,QuangTrieu Assembly Halls and Ong Pagoda on lunar January 16th. This is the first worship in the year of people descended from provinces in China and Quang Nampeople. Apart from traditional rituals, there are lion dances and many other traditional games. The festival attracts the large participation of Chinese people and visitors.

New Rice Festival

The New Rice Festival of Co Tu ethnic people (in the western part of Quang Nam Province) was usually celebrated in the third month of lunar year. Nowadays, the harvest time is changed so the festival is organized in July or August of calendar on the Guoi (communal house) when the harvest finishes. The festival is the occasion for local people to remember and worship the Gods who protect the villagers and bless them with a bumper harvest, clement weather and a peaceful life. The villagers hold a buffalo-stabbing ritual to worship the Gods. A Neu pole (often made of bamboo) is near by the buffalo-the offering. The teenagers in their best traditional clothes dance and sing the traditional melodies in the very interesting atmosphere.

In this festival, there are many attractive ceremonies such as buffalo sacrifice and hulling rice…