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Visiting Kim Bong Wood Village in Hoi An

Kim Bong Wood Village in Hoi An

10:27 | 09/09/2014
Traveling Hoi An, the tourists will have chance to visit Kim Bong wood village located in front of Hoi An Ancient Town on Thu Bon River; it belongs to Cam Kim commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. With more than 600 years old, this village is a famous brand about woodwork of Hoi An.
Hoi An Ancient Town - The World Cultural Heritage

Hoi An Ancient Town

15:04 | 05/08/2014
Hoi An Ancient Town- the World Cultural Heritage Far from Da Nang city about 30 km in the Southeast, Hoi An Ancient Town was an international trade central on the West- East commercial journey from the end of century XVI. Hoi An was also the richest trading port of Viet Nam at that time because there are many merchant ships from Japan, China, Portugal, Spain and Netherlands…usually came here to exchange and to do business. Hoi An Ancient Town nearly preserved status quo of architectural works including house, pagoda, house of worship, well, bridge, port, market, street…The scenery of Hoi An likes an live picture.
Cua Dai Beach - the beauty of beach in Central Viet Nam

Cua Dai Beach

10:21 | 29/07/2014
Far from Hoi An Ancient Town about 5 km in the east, Cua Dai Beach, the most beautiful one of Quang Nam province with the white sand, pure blue water, soft waves in the burnished sunshine. Tourists could bike to here for enjoy the poetic and charming view of this attractive beach in Central of Viet Nam.
Thanh Ha Ceramic Village in Hoi An

Thanh Ha Ceramic Village

10:46 | 25/07/2014
Thanh Ha Ceramic Village came into being in century 15 and strongly developed together with Hoi An ancient town. This village located on Thu Bon River, belongs to Cam Ha commune; far from Hoi An ancient town about 2km in the west.
Lantern- an original culture of Hoi an Ancient Town

Lantern- an original culture of Hoi an Ancient Town

10:51 | 01/07/2014
Lantern is not only a trade brand but also the original nature as well as pride of people in Hoi An Ancient town. Up to now, the job of making lantern in Hoi An is 400 years old. There are 32 factories where produce the lantern; the lanterns here are exported to Japan, countries in Europe and America… Lantern manufacture attracts the domestic traveler as well as foreigner whenever they set foot on Hoi An.
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